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  • Two Species in Florida Become Extinct

    Recently the US Fish and wildlife service has stated that there are two species that were resident in Florida that have now become extinct. These are the Florida fairy shrimp and the South Florida rainbow snake. Before these two species were declared as being extinct there were being reviewed and were possibly going to be included in the ESA (Endangered Species Act).

    However, it is now felt that this review came around far too late for it to make a difference to these animals.

    Chuck Underwood of the Fish and Wildlife Service was quoted as saying:

    “We don’t have anything in our files that indicates that they’ve been seen in 50 years or more. We don’t think they’re out there anymore.”

    South Florida Rainbow SnakeThe South Florida rainbow snake was one of the rainbow snake subspecies and it was known as living in the Fisheating Creek area which is close to Lake Okeechobee.

    The Florida fairy shrimp was known to inhabit pools that were in the south of Gainesville, however these pools along with the Florida fairy shrimp were destroyed by commercial development in the area.

    It was a thanks to a petition that was filed to the government from the Centre for Biological Diversity that made the review possible. In the petition is stated that the CBD wanted the government to review more than 400 aquatic species that were in the United States.

    A recent legal decision was also made to hurry along the decisions that were to be made on 757 species that could be facing extinction and therefore could be liable to be protected.

    Florida fairy shrimpOne of the problems with these decisions is that many species will have to wait for many decades before a scientific hearing is granted on their protection eligibility.

    One of the reasons that these two species didn’t survive is that neither of them were under protection from the Endangered Species Act. As this is the most powerful weapon conservationists have against species becoming extinct species with depleting numbers need to be covered by it.

    Another issue that has got a lot of people worried is the fact that the Earth appears to be entering a period of mass extinction with the levels of extinction being thought to have risen up to 1000 times the average rate. As humans are the main factor in this mass extinction period something needs to be done in order to save more animals and allow them to live on into the future.

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