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  • PDSA

    PDSA’s tagline is “for pets in need of vets”. It was founded back in 1917 by Maria Dickin CBE, one the leading animal welfare pioneers at the time. PDSA has now grown into the UK’s largest veterinary charity, treating more than 350,000 pets every year.

    What makes PDSA different from many other charities is that they’re non-political and don’t take part in any campaigning. Instead they focus entirely on providing free veterinary care to pets that need it, making them one of Europe’s largest employers of fully qualified veterinary surgeons & nurses.

    PDSA has established 43 PetAid hospitals and 4 PetAid branches across the UK, each providing veterinary care for pets. All care is provided free of charge to those people who are eligible to receive it.

    PDSA’s Four Key Priorities

    • To maintain PetAid hospitals and branches
    • Where possible look to expand and launch PetAid hospitals in new areas
    • Raise awareness of PDSA’s charitable work to help with raising funding
    • Develop a range of pet health initiatives

    Key PDSA Statistics

    • Over 1.8 million treatments are provided to pets each year, all free of charge
    • 200,000 preventive treatments are also provided for free
    • On average each treatment costs £143
    • PDSA directly employs approximately 260 veterinary surgeons and 300 veterinary nurses
    • Each year around 4,800 volunteers help PDSA in their shops and fundraising efforts